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Member roles

Here’s a list of member roles for the platform.

Public Visitor

  • Can view all the site content.
  • Can’t peform any actions such as RSVP to event or follow members.

Guest Member

  • Can join events, chapters, update profile
  • Limit on follows and upvotes
  • Profile not listed to other members

Verified Member

  • Can create a company page
  • Profile listed on community pages, and site search
  • Can also sign up for ‘verified member only’ events

Subscribed Member

  • Can access subscriber-only events

Chapter Leader

  • Can create events for their chapter, approve members.
  • Can send announcements to their chapter


  • A community manager role, allowing creation of chapters, edit any event, chapter, company or profile info.
  • Moderators can flag unapproved accounts to request account holders to amend their profile.