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Keeping up to date

Keeping your installation up to date is easy.

Here’s the general tasks you’ll run to update your codebase, in the following order.

  1. Update code (git pull)
  2. Add any new settings.php variables (git log -p massiveplatform_setup_files/settings.php)
  3. Update any code features (drush fd; drush fr tm_changed_module)
  4. Apply any database updates (drush updb)
  5. Clear cache (drush cc all)

New versions of Drupal core and modules are maintained and included, you don’t need to update modules seperately.

View changes to settings.php

git log -p massiveplatform_setup_files/settings.php

Example of updating code features

First, we clear the cache

drush cc all

Next, view the features list. This will show you if there are any database changes (ie: a new field) to platform modules.

drush fd

The output will look like this:

user@ubuntu:/var/www/massiveplatform# drush fd
 Date Migration Example               date_migrate_example                 Disabled  7.x-2.11-beta3               
 Features Tests                       features_test                        Disabled  7.x-2.11                     
 Imagecache_actions Test Suite        imagecache_testsuite                 Disabled  7.x-1.12                     
 TM Base                              tm_base                              Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Branding                          tm_branding                          Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Chapters                          tm_chapters                          Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Chapters Map                      tm_chapters_leaflet_map              Enabled   7.x-1.0                      
 TM Commissions                       tm_commissions                       Disabled  7.x-1.0                      
 TM Event signup                      tm_event_signup                      Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Events                            tm_events                            Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev     Overridden             
 TM Fields                            tm_fields                            Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Flags                             tm_flags                             Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Invitations                       tm_invitations                       Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Lists                             tm_lists                             Disabled  7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Marketplace                       tm_marketplace                       Disabled  7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Messaging                         tm_messaging                         Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Meta                              tm_meta                              Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Newsfeed                          tm_newsfeed                          Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Notifications                     tm_notifications                     Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Notifications Approval            tm_notifications_approval            Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Notifications Chapter             tm_notifications_chapter             Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Notifications Events              tm_notifications_events              Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Notifications Lists               tm_notifications_lists               Disabled  7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Notifications Messaging           tm_notifications_messaging           Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Notifications Moderation          tm_notifications_moderation          Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Notifications Following           tm_notifications_new_follower        Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev        
 TM Notifications Newsfeed            tm_notifications_newsfeed            Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Notifications Newsletters         tm_notifications_newsletters         Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Notifications User Subscriptions  tm_notifications_subscriptions_user  Disabled  7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Notifications Upcoming Event      tm_notifications_upcoming_event      Disabled  7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Net Promoter Score                tm_nps                               Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Organizations                     tm_organizations                     Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev      
 TM Payments                          tm_payments                          Disabled  7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Reports                           tm_reports                           Enabled   7.x-1.0-beta1                
 TM Search                            tm_search                            Disabled  7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Search API                        tm_search_api                        Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Status Updates                    tm_status_updates                    Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM User Subscriptions                tm_subscriptions_user                Disabled  7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Theme                             tm_theme                             Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Track Views                       tm_track_views                       Disabled  7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM Users                             tm_users                             Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev                  
 TM External signin                   tm_users_external_signin             Enabled   7.x-1.0-dev

In the example above, scroll the output to the right, and you will notice that tm_events has been updated (‘Overridden’). You can bring the module up to date by running the following command:

drush fr tm_events

Check to make sure the features have been updated.

drush fd

If features have not updated, try clearing the cache, or running with update with the –force command (ie: drush fr tm_events –force)

Drupal cron

You must run the Drupal cron regularly to support tasks such as search indexing and email announcements.

drush run-cron --uri= --root=/path/to/massiveplatform

You can run the cron every minute by adding an entry to your /etc/crontab:

# Run Drupal ultimate cron every minute
* * * * * root /usr/bin/drush cron-run --uri= --root=/path/to/massiveplatform 2>&1 > /dev/null

Automated tasks

The following is a list of drush commands you can run.

You will need to implement your own scheduling (ie: via /etc/crontab) of these tasks.


These commands will cache data that might take a little longer to generate.

drush tm-api-cache-stats --uri= --root=/path/to/massiveplatform
drush tm-chapters-update-display-stats-cache --uri= --root=/path/to/massiveplatform
drush status-updates-index-view-counter --uri= --root=/path/to/massiveplatform
drush tm-reports-chapter-insights-cache --uri= --root=/path/to/massiveplatform

Community Management tasks

These commands provide automated chapter reports and management.

drush tm-community-management-reports --uri= --root=/path/to/massiveplatform
drush tm-community-management-tasks --uri= --root=/path/to/massiveplatform

See $conf[“tm_chapters_leader_*”] in settings.php for configuration options.

Event tasks

If you plan on enabling reminders, or live-streams, you will need to run these commands every 5 minutes.

drush tm-events-livestream-tasks --uri= --root=/path/to/massiveplatform
drush tm-events-reminder-tasks --uri= --root=/path/to/massiveplatform

See $conf[“tm_event_online_*”] in settings.php for configuration options.

Data export

Run these commands one a day to generate export data.

drush tm-generate-newsletter-csv --uri= --root=/path/to/massiveplatform
drush tm-chapters-members-csv-cache --uri= --root=/path/to/massiveplatform
drush tm-generate-facebook-csv --uri= --root=/path/to/massiveplatform

Newsfeed Emails

Run this command every 4 hours to schedule weekly newsfeed emails.

drush newsfeed-schedule-deliveries --uri= --root=/path/to/massiveplatform

See $conf[“tm_newsfeed_*”] in settings.php for configuration options.

Post RSS updates to organization pages

Run this command hourly if you want to enable automatic posting to company pages from an RSS feed.

drush status-updates-post-organization-updates --uri= --root=/path/to/massiveplatform


Customizing the sidebar

If you want to customize your sidebar, make a copy of ‘example-sidebar.tpl.php’ and update $conf[‘tm_theme_custom_sidebar_template’].

You can enable the traditional navbar by commenting out the following line in settings.php:

// $conf['tm_theme_custom_sidebar_template'] = 'example-sidebar.tpl.php';

Moving images to S3 / Cloudfront

See the file ‘s3fs_install_notes.txt’ in massiveplatform_setup_files.

How to edit SASS stylesheets with Compass

To edit SASS stylesheets you’ll need compass installed:

sudo gem install sass -v 3.2.19
sudo gem install compass -v 0.12.6

See this comment regarding compass version

Run “compass watch sites/all/themes/tm” to update css files

How to export member questions to csv:

SELECT field_user_question_1_value, field_user_country_iso2, concat("", field_revision_field_user_country.entity_id)
FROM field_data_field_user_question_1
LEFT JOIN field_revision_field_user_country
ON field_revision_field_user_country.entity_id = field_data_field_user_question_1.entity_id
INTO OUTFILE '/tmp/user_questions_1.csv'

Note: Replace 1 with 1,2,3 or 4 for question index

How to increase performance of flagging table with many rows

show index from flagging;
ALTER TABLE `flagging` ADD INDEX `tm_uid` (`uid`);

How to increase performance of tm_track_views lookups

ALTER TABLE `tm_track_views` ADD INDEX `tm_entity_type` (`entity_type`);
ALTER TABLE `tm_track_views` ADD INDEX `tm_entity_id` (`entity_id`);

How to test emails

Add the following to sites/default/settings.php to write emails to /tmp/DevelMailLog:

$conf['mail_system'] = array('default-system' => 'DevelMailLog',);

How to enable Wordpress feeds

You can display a feed of related wordpress blog posts to companies/members/chapters from your blog.

  1. Edit sites/default/settings.php and set $conf[‘tm_enable_wordpress_feedme’] = true;
  2. Install the tm-feeds wordpress plugin (
  3. Set $conf[‘tm_wordpress_feedme_url’] to the URL to call on page loads to embed feeds.